S.A.S.E. was a project coordinated by ASDF Makes (David Horvitz and Mylinh Nguyen), which invited 11 curators to select and develop virtual exhibitions available to the public online via both email and PDF formats.  The email exhibitions were available in various edition sizes, and these were sent by request to each viewer during August 10- September 12, 2010.  The PDF book of accompanying texts was set at an unlimited quantity. My exhibition, Arcadian Arrow, was set with the following images and text.  With works by Lynne Cohen, Fiona Crisp, Will Govus, Thomas Kneubühler, Richard Misrach, Martha Rosler, Ed Ruscha, and STATOIL


Dear ASDF,
I am writing while travelling on a ferry between an island and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. David has been on this ship before. It is a really nice sunny day, and everyone is out on the deck enjoying the sights. How could we not?

The grouping I’ve brought together for the show has developed from a few interests that fit nicely, I think, with the artist’s own intentions and the problems they also present. My own preoccupations circulate within the development of spatial typologies: those ‘puzzles of space’ that I see going on within areas produced by and for labour and leisure activities. These types of spaces mirror and refract through each other’s lenses; enjoyment and industry, work and play – at odds, yet inextricably bound through this crux of deep futility/ heavy meaning. Something like what I see in front of me in this moment.

The French social theorist Henri LeFebvre proposed that “(social) space is a (social) product”[1]. I am taking as a departure one passage by LeFebvre that unfurls a complex (and brutal? and beautiful?) relationship: “As source and as resource, nature obsesses us, as do childhood and spontaneity, via the filter of memory. Everyone wants to protect and save nature; no one wants to stand in the way of an attempt to retrieve its authenticity. Yet at the same time everything conspires to harm it”[2].

All the best, and goodbye for now,
Jennifer Cane


Works List:

Ed Ruscha, The Mountain, 1998, on loan from http://www.artinconnection.com

Lynne Cohen, Spa, 1999, gelatin silver print, 69 x 97.8 cm, on loan from http://www.thegrangeprize.com

STATOIL, Heidrun, 2009, on loan from http://www.statoil.com

Thomas Kneubühler, electric #3, from the series Electric Mountains, 2009, on loan from http://www.thomaskneubuhler.com

Richard Misrach, Outdoor Dining, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, 1992, on loan from http://makelunchnotwar.blogspot.com

Martha Rosler, Nature Girls (Jumping Janes), 1966–72, on loan from http://neditpasmoncoeur.blogspot.com

Fiona Crisp, Temple of Apollo, 2006, on loan from http://fionacrisp.com

Will Govus, Untitled from the series Night (2008-2009), on loan from http://willgovus.com

Download the S.A.S.E pdf publication HERE